Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was Rymma's 15th birthday and the anniversary of our returning to the U.S.

I surprised Rymma at school with a birthday card and a BIG choc chip cookie to share with her friends at lunch and I also gave a card to Julia to celebrate the anniversary of their coming to America - it's hard to believe that it's been a whole year!!! We celebrated last night at Aunt Connie's with pizza, cake and ice cream.

Last year on this date, we had the biggest snowstorm ever!! If you recall, we were on delay after delay for our flight from JFK to Ohio. God finally opened a 2-hour window for us to finally get home. Today, we are going ice skating and having a sleepover with friends. Go figure ... a beautiful, warm, sunny day and we are going somewhere cold! :o)

Pics of celebrating Rymma's birthday in Ukraine last year, first picture in U.S., homecoming at airport.


Tami said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Rymma! Its hard to believe its been a year already! :)

Anonymous said...

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