Thursday, January 1, 2009

A 2-Year Anniversary!

John asked Rymma if she remembered what happened on New Year's Eve two years ago. She said she didn't remember and when he reminded her that it was that night that we asked her to be our daughter, she smiled from ear-to-ear and said, "Oh, yeah!" My, it has been a long - yet feels like it flew by - journey since then. It is just amazing that it will be a year on January 29 that we had our SDA appointment for Rymma and Julia. How time flies! And John and I swear it goes faster as we get older!

On New Year's Day, the girls visited the home of their teaching assistant, Iryna. She is from Ukraine and they got to make some authentic Ukrainian dishes with her and have a taste of "home." We are so grateful for Iryna's friendship and her spending time with Julia and Rymma! :o)

The menu was borscht and blini (pancake) with meat. They brought some home for us to taste and I loved them both! John is not much of an adventurer in the area of trying new foods but he liked them too. Rymma and Julia tell me that Krystina knows how to make borscht so I am looking forward to having her show me how to make it! Click here to go to Krystina's Blog.

The pictures are the girls with Iryna and posing with Iryna's boots (love the brown ones!) - of course, those of you who followed along when we were in Ukraine before know that I LOVE Ukrainian boots and coats! (Can you tell how much Julia has grown?)