Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Where do I begin?
We have been home now over 2 months.
So many things to share and I don't know where to begin!
Let me start with the news and walk backwards.
We are going for a THIRD young lady! Krystina is 15 years old.

We fell in love with Krystina while seeing Rymma and Julia our first trip.
She fits in well wit the rest of the family. She looks like me (John).
And the funny part is we both have dents in our heads from childhood.(Long story!)
It is amazing how the choices we have made have the same exact effects of if
we have had the child ourselves they would have same appearance.
So we know God's hand is in all of this!

So we are awaiting home study revision and then we will submit our dossier again for Krystina! :-)
So at this point we are hoping we can travel during the summer months to get her. However, one hurdle
is another large financial expense and this time we are turning it over to God.
If it is to be then he will provide a means for this to happen. :-)
We will be putting up a paypal support page shortly and humbly ask for your help
for us to bring Krystina home soon!

So if you are new or lost track. We currently have 7 children. Derek 21, Shauna 20, Sammy 16, Julia 14, Rymma 14, Sabrina 13, and Timmy is 7. Krystina just turned 15. So it will be 8 then. :-)So how do we handle all this? Actually working on total transformation program now! (very good resource btw)
Considering writing a book soon. hahahahaha So where are we now?

Julia and Rymma have been in school for a month now and their English is growing quickly. Total immersion except for a Harry Potter set of books in Russian the have been reading. We thought about Russian programming on satellite but are holding off till their English is normal conversational. Today is Mothers Day and what better way to celebrate with 2 new daughters?

We have been totally blessed. For being home 2 months we have had very little issues.
No, I am not joking! Probably biggest issue is getting into Lucia's craft stuff without asking. But all in all we cannot complain. Hardest part is being consistent and fair with the new daughters. Then spending time with our other kids. So again, so far so good. But if you are reading our blog for advice.
It is something to consider in advance of choosing non-siblings. Something that we didn't do but we are very lucky that this has worked out well so far. Hoping it continues once we get Krystina.

It has been fun to watch over the past 2 months and seeing the girls adjust. The dinner table has become a place for
laughter and mini food fights. Hopefully this summer we can have a full blast food fight out on the picnic table. We will wait for a weekend when al the kids are home for sure! Julia is the sneaky, smiling one. Rymma is the quiet, planning one!
Rymma is the vocal she doesn't like something. Julia tells Rymma and Rymma tells us. So it is funny watching it all unfold!

So perhaps your asking yourself this question. You have 5 biological children and decided to adopt 2 girls. Why in the world would you adopt a third child? I know what you are thinking. We are rich, eh? Well we are very blessed but far from rich. We have had to make a lot of sacrifices to make this all happen. But how can you put a
price tag on forever changing a child's trajectory of their life? A stark reminder was this past week.

Rymma and Julia had to pick 5 things they would like to be when they grow up. It was a struggle to come up with a simple 5 choices! These girls have the ability to become anything they set their heart too. And having dreams of a future that is completely unwritten has not sunk in yet. Both girls suffer from poor self esteem and we are constantly encouraging them and building them up. We can’t save them all but we can save 3. If all my children grasp this and adopt 2 children themselves. Then 16 more are saved. And so on and so on…..

So we will try to update more often. If you are considering adoption and have questions. Please fire away! We will share everything openly and hopefully prepare others!

God Bless and Thanks for all your prayers and support!


John and Lucia